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Weekend event

by GM Karl on 2019-08-09

You can enjoy double rates for entire weekend, starting on Friday at 10PM GMT.

WoE bug

by IronHack on 2019-07-04

There seems to be a problem with WoE not turning off when it is disabled, so please do not try to take over a castle as no one should be able to right now. If anyone is caught doing so will be dealt with and treated as a bug abuser as this is your only warning.

Thank you for understanding, there will be an update posted when it is fixed and when it will be turned on at a later date.

Weekend event

by GM Karl on 2019-06-07

Drop rate for this weekend is gonna be 2x. So go and hunt those cards.

New forum on the main site

by GM Karl on 2019-05-26

Check out new forum on the main site.

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