Mage starting out guide

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Mage starting out guide

#1 Post by Shuchou » Wed May 29, 2019 3:59 am

So you started a mage but have no clue where you should go, well keep reading!

At job level 1 you should get a dagger and go to any map geffen exits too, I normally go north for the frogs as their cards a nice drop. I would stay here until job level 8 or 10 with my skills looking like
Level 1 or 2 Increase Spiritual
Level 5 or 8 Fire bolt

If you are lucky get yourself a staff from the weapon shop for 9.5k or less if you have a discount merchant also some fly wings and then make your way to mjoinir_11 to kill flora. Be sure to watch out for argiope's as they have over 4k health, everything else you will be able to kill. If you want an easier place to kill without the need of fly wings head to ein_fild09 one south one east of Einbroch or ein_fild10 one more east and go to that little island on the lower part of the map. You will need to hit them 10 or 15 times with fire bolt but the first few kills will give you a level for each one you kill. Max out fire bolt while you are here and stay until Base level 30 - 33 then move to the map north of Einbroch to kill geographers, they have a lot of health but you will only need to hit them with 5 or 7 fire bolts at level 10 and have 49 + 5 INT.

You can stay here until job level 40 - 50, after your job change you will want to come back to kill more geographers and get a few JOB levels. You can either stay here until 99 or go to either Al De Baran clock tower or anywhere in Geist helm as well as Geffen dungeon in your next stage of leveling.

Sure there are other places you can go at your lower levels but this cuts out all the travel and running away from aggro mobs or keeping track of your firewall hits/timers giving you an easier grind to greatness!

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Re: Mage starting out guide

#2 Post by Mazafin » Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:18 pm

This is a great guide, but I'd like to offer some alternatives to Geographers. You can level much easier on Mi Gaos in lou_fild01 from 33 with Firewall 10, as the Mdef is not as high as the geographers. Fire Wall + Firebolt makes for a great combo. At 35, you can take the Mantis NPC quest which yields additional EXP until you are satisfied with going to Geographers/Metalings.

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